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Abatement of Nuisances Law, 1961
Acquisition of Factories by Employees (Special Cases) Law, 1987
Administrative Offenses Law, 1985
Adoption of Children Law, 1981
Banking (Licensing) Law, 1981
Basic Law: Freedom of Occupation (1994)
Basic Law: Human Dignity and Liberty
Basic Law: State Comptroller
Basic Law: The Government (2001)
Basic Law: The Judiciary
Basic Law: The Knesset
Companies' Law, 1999
Consumer Protection Law, 1981
Debit Cards Law, 1985
Denial of the Holocaust (Prohibition) Law, 1986
Employment (Equal Opportunities) Law, 1981
Encouragement of Industrial Research and Development Law, 1984
Equal Rights for People with Disabilities Law, 1998
Genetic Information Law, 2000
Interpretation Law, 1981
Law of Return, 1950
Minimum Wage Law, 1987
Performers' Rights Law, 1984
Prevention of Environmental Nuisances (Actions by Citizens) Law, 1992
Prevention of Sea Pollution (Dumping of Waste) Law, 1983
Prevention of Sea Pollution from Land-Based Sources Law, 1988
Prevention of Sexual Harassment Law, 1998
Prohibition of Money Laundering Law, 2000
Protection of Privacy Law, 1981
Restrictive Trade Practices Law, 1988
Securities Law, 1968
Standard Contracts Law, 1982
Telecommunications Law, 1982

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